A bit of an unprecedented moment on this blog – the first (and I’m pretty sure only) image made on a digital camera.
As anyone who even remembers this blog anymore knows, this is a place for very specific work done a very specific way – a sustained look at the downtown of my town, rendered in black and white film.
But I’m including a shot made for my daily work, contrasted with the shot I made on my film Leica, to show the subtle differences there are when you use different tools. I really do think when you use different cameras you not only see and portray things differently, you yourself think differently before you even trip the shutter. And photography is nothing without realizing you’re using your heart and mind together, so with that I present two different views of the same moment…one on film from a small rangefinder and the other a workaday newspaper digital camera.


Piper Brown carries her doll Summer as she sits on her father's motorcycle during the final Cruisin' The Dub event of 2016, Thursday evening along Rosser Avenue. (Colin Corneau/Brandon Sun)

Shot on a Canon 5D Mark III digital camera


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I'm a dedicated film shooter and staff photographer at the Brandon Sun, where I document the people and events of this corner of my province.
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